Cuddly Critters Get Off Trane

They say, "It's hard to stop a Trane." And, it's even harder to stop tears. Tuesday, both things happened.

Trane Air Conditioning employees gave more than 350 stuffed animals to the Children's Advocacy Center. The bears, cows, dogs, and other cuddly critters are given to abused kids who come to the center for help. This is the third year Trane has donated the comforting toys.

"These animals represent each one of them and the happiness and the healing that they're bringing to the children," says Carol Langston, the Children's Advocacy Center's Director. "So, even though they're over there [at Trane] they're actually doing good things here at the Children's Advocacy Center."

The Children's Advocacy Center says they have worked on more than 400 cases of possible child abuse so far this year. They gave out more than 700 stuffed animals in the process.