New Technology Making Diabetic Life Easier

Monitoring blood sugar levels for a diabetic is a prickly matter... But, what if you could ditch the needle for a pair of contact lenses? Marie Taylor at East Texas Medical Center's Diabetic University says that option is coming soon, "It's a little device that they look into the eye and it can tell the pressure of the eye and by the pressure they tell what the blood sugar is."

While the technology is a few years off, Dr. Meg Reitmeyer of Trinity Clinic says the "Gluco Watch Biographer" is already being used. The watch, isn't just a time keeper, it's a pain saver. "It does take a small electrical current that measures the glucose under the skin and you wear it like a watch on the wrist," Dr. Reitmeyer explains.

While monitoring devices have come a long way, daily doses of insulin still require an injection. Injections that are time consuming, that is until now. New Innolet device take the medication with you, without the mess. "You can just dial the dosage, take the outer cap off, inject and give," tells Taylor.

Sounds simple enough...but Diabetic Shelia Vaughn was looking for something more sophisticated. She found the insulin pump, "It's absolutely wonderful. It's the best thing I could have ever gotten." Worn like a program the insulin doses. It's doled out through a tiny catheter implanted under the skin. "No more shots, no more works on your schedule. You don't have to work on the insulin's schedule anymore, it's your life."

Also soon to be on the market is an insulin's an acrylic capsule that might replace the traditional insulin shot.