Protecting your pocket book from rising gas prices

By Courtney Lane - bio | email 
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's nothing like that record surge of $4 a gallon, but still, prices are cruising up fast, and in this recession, it has East Texans re-thinking and protecting their pocket book.

"It's crazy," said David Admire. "[I] guess we'll be staying at home a lot more."

"People will do less pleasure driving when it gets up, but when you've got a business that requires driving like truck drivers, you just have to pay the price," said Mary Hooper.

Back when prices were high, fuel efficient cars were the rage; like tiny smart cars. When prices dropped, they dubbed the smart cars "orphans" as more buyers backed out of the deal.

"Smart cars cost smart money too," said Pat Musgrove.

Americans also showed less interest in hybrids.

"As Americans, I guess gas is only $2 a gallon, so it's not a big deal we'll go back to our gas guzzling vehicles," said Andrew Bertrand.

But now, Classic Toyota is confident hybrid sales will pick back up.

"As we start seeing that price of gas creep back up towards Memorial Day," said Bertrand. "You're going to see a lot more interest in anything that gets better fuel economy."

Mary Hooper hopes we keep looking down the road of the future, regardless of the price.

"We have got to get these hybrids on the road and we have got to get to where we don't use so much gas, but the fluctuation in the prices is keeping us from making progress," said Hooper.

Certainly in this tough time, East Texans are tightening their budgets.

"I try to make my trips incorporate a lot of things instead of just one and I'm in a older Explorer, so I was thinking I should have picked that Camry," laughed Musgrove.

An Auto Club spokesman said the demand for oil is increasing, but ample supplies make a repeat of last summer's record prices unlikely.