In The Kitchen: The Diner's Seafood Omelet


1        6-7oz Tilapia fillet
3        Eggs, beaten
2oz    Your favorite cheese, shredded
1T      Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Seasoning mix
4T      Butter
1oz    Diced Onion
2oz    Sliced Mushroom
2oz    Fresh Spinach
4        Shrimp, Tail on (P & D, 31-35)

Generously coat all sides of Tilapia and Shrimp with Blackened Seasoning mix.  Place 2T butter in pre-heated skillet; when butter begins to smoke, place Tilapia fillet into butter, skin side UP.  Reduce heat from high to med/high.  Flip Tilapia fillet after 2 ½ minutes, adding more butter if needed.  Tilapia fillet will be done in approx 2 ½ minutes, or when the fillet begins to break in the meaty part.  Set fillet aside on a plate.  In a second skillet, place remaining butter, when the butter smokes, add the vegetables, sautéing for about 2 minutes.  When vegetables are limp, add 3 eggs for the omelet and begin cooking.  While omelet cooks, lift sides to allow egg to flow onto skillet.  When omelet is almost ready, flip the omelet in the skillet, turn OFF the flame, add cheese and Tilapia fillet onto ½ of the omelet, thick portion of the fillet to the outside of the omelet.  Fold omelet onto plate so the Tilapia fillet is almost completely covered.  Have the second skillet on med heat, add shrimp.  Shrimp will be ready in 2 minutes.  Lay your favorite "Cajun" sauce (we make our own etoufee sauce at The Diner) onto the plate, and add shrimp.

This recipe has as many variations as you want: choosing a different fish or seafood, choosing different vegetables and cheeses, and choosing different sauces.