WebXtra: Gas price roller coaster

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The cheap gas was nice while it lasted but spring and summertime means those fuel prices are going right back up.

"It's crazy," said David Admire. "Guess we'll be staying at home a lot more."

"People will do less pleasure driving when it gets up but when you've got a business that requires driving like truck drivers, you just have to pay the price," said Mary Hooper.

It is creeping up to $2 in East Texas, but locals say that seems like nothing compared to the $4 we were paying at one point. During that record high surge many East Texans developed new driving habits, like carpooling and taking fewer trips.

East Texans say if it gets that bad again in this recession, some significant changes will have to be made. For example, maybe downsizing their vehicles.

We're about to interview a Toyota salesman about hybrid sales and what's in store for the future. We will have that interview for you tonight on KLTV News at 6.