Tyler Catholics Respond to Revisions in Sex Abuse Policy

Catholic bishops face another week of tough discussions and controversy. During their annual meeting in Washington D.C., bishops will revise a sexual abuse policy they drafted in June. Under the original policy, bishops suggested each diocese set up a group of layman to watch over Catholic clergy.  However, the Vatican felt the plan violated a priest's right to due process under canon law and asked for changes.

Here in Tyler, some Catholics support the first sex abuse policy, and say the addition of a layman group is necessary. Others feel the bishops will make the right decision.

"It will take away some power," Arielle Shebay. "But I think that's absolutely necessary by seeing what's happened in the last two thousand years."

Taking the lay people out--I'm not going to say that's good or bad, "say Pam Asmussen, a Catholic from Athens. "I know the church does want to handle this, they want to make sure that everyone is happy with what is finally decided."

Tyler bishop Alvarro Corrada is attending the latest meeting in Washington. He's not expected back until later this week.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting