On the prowl, 11 years later

By: Coleman Swierc -

Tyler, Texas (KLTV) - The John Tyler Lions are on the bill to appear in the second round of the playoffs tomorrow.

The Lions roar has been restored after a 10 year drought in post season appearances.

You would think that they would have a lot to say.

When asked to put the dream season into perspective, some just couldn't find the words.

"Making it to the playoffs for the first time since I have been here," said senior Valente Jacovo, "it is a lot to stay, I just don't know how to say it."

Other players were a bit more talkative.

"Surprised," said one.

"It has been fun, really fun."

After pounding the goal for nearly 20 minutes, the Lions gathered, coach Howard Story in the middle, the man responsible for the turnaround.

"One of the players told me about halfway through the preseason that, 'coach, people are starting to believe,' and I said believe what?" said JT Head soccer coach Howard Story, "that we can be successful and we can make the playoffs."

The first playoffs run in nearly a decade, culminated on Tuesday with a playoff win, now the Lions are on the prowl.

The Lions will face nationally ranked Garland Sachse, in a game outsiders say will end JT's dream season.

The outsiders better think again.

"Probably thinking that we are playing a team that has not been to the playoffs, but they think they can just run through us, but that is not exactly what they are going to do to us," said senior Christobal Perez.

"People say we are the underdogs, and we are going to prove that we can beat those ranked teams," replied senior Justino Cornelio.

Even if the Lions season ends, they have proven that no longer can they be overlooked, and that they have proven to everyone, that 13 years, is far to long to wait.