Amusement park ride: $5,000

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

YANTIS, TX (KLTV) - A Yantis man is banking on a big bet $5,000. That's how much Allan Hague is willing to pay for the ride of his life. At least for now. Allan's currently holds the highest bid to be one of the first people in the front seat of a Cincinnati roller coaster. What's driving this East Texas thrill seeker.

A self proffessed country kid who loves roller coasters he's been hooked since he first set foot in an amusement park.

"First time I went to Six Flags, I was probably 11 years old," said Allan. "I still have my ticket. It was one of those things in life, you know, one day, I want to all the roller coasters."

And judging by the map on the wall of his game room he's making good headway.

Allan said he and his family load up the R.V. and take a trip just about every summer.

"Now, they're 12 days, 13, 14, parks," he said.

He says his two-year-old daughter is learning fast, and he's lucky enough to find someone who shares his same passion.

"I'm the screamer, and he's the one going," said Shannon Hague.

Next stop - the front seat of Diamondback, the tallest, fastest, and latest addition to Kings Island amusement park. The park began auctioning seats on the ride still under construction to help raise money for a children's charity. The winner gets to choose their seat on its maiden voyage. Allan hopes that choice will be his.

"Good cause to help, fun to do, and once in a lifetime thing."

As long as his bid stays on top. In the meantime, it's a much slower life as usual.

"I have a dairy farm," he said.

For the guy who loves to go fast....

"You can't tell the difference between zero to 120 and zero to 128, big difference," he said. "You only get to be the first one once."

"It's something we'll put on the wall. We were the first ones!"

"That ride will be in the top five."

Allan's already bid $3,100 for one seat, and $1,900 for five others. The park will continue to accept bids until April 15 three days before diamondback opens to the public. Of course, Allan plans to be there.