He says he will never loan his car out again

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An act of kindness ended with a Longview man getting his car stolen, and a strange series of events that ended with him getting it back.

It was a series of unusual circumstances that landed one man in jail and has police looking for another man who apparently started it all.

"A friend of mine for 35 years had gotten himself into a sticky situation and asked if he could stay with me for a little while 'till he got on his feet," said Jesse Pepper.

Three days ago the friend asked to borrow Peppers' car.

"He never came back," said Pepper. "He never called."

Then, while walking his kids to school Thursday morning.

"Low and behold I turn around and I see him standing there," he said. "I'm chasing him down the street and finally the police pull up and they actually release him because he wasn't in possession of the car."

Two hours after Pepper had spotted the man who stole his vehicle it was spotted again at Alpine and Eastman road, but somebody else was driving.

41-year-old Arthur Davis was charged with auto theft, but his story was that Peppers' friend gave him the car. Strangely, Pepper met his father at this intersection a few minutes before the car was stopped.

"It struck me as odd that they recovered his vehicle," said Russell Drago, a witness. "He was here a few minutes prior."

And Peppers' friend, the man who started it all, hasn't been seen since.

"It effected my family my household; it left us without a way to get around."

Davis is still in the Gregg County jail, and Pepper says he has learned his lesson and will never loan his car out again.