Job hunting: Sending a resume versus shaking a hand

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We found "signs of employment" everywhere by looking the old-fashioned way. Cruising around Tyler, we kept our eyes peeled, and low and behold. Just along Broadway alone, we found a Sprint store hiring, a Pizza Hut, Marble Slab, Jason's Deli, Little Italy Restaurant, and even a salon.

"We're looking for a nail person right now, for someone to do nails, manicures, pedicures," said Amy Bentley, with Curl Up & Dye Salon.

"We are looking for a cashier as well as a manager,"  said Samit Darne, with Marble Slab.

It's good news that work is out there, but the competition is even tougher in this economy.

"Actually, we had someone come in today," Bentley.

"That's what people always comment on is, 'hey, we saw the sign,'" said Justin Allen with Jason's Deli. "Are you still hiring?"

If you're looking for the signs, it's still best to prepare yourself before opening that door. Employers say they're more impressed by applicants who've done their homework.

"[We are] pretty much looking for a little professionalism, not somebody just moseying on in just look turn in an application, but somebody who knows our product, company, knows why they came in our door," said Allen.

"A following is always helpful, if you have some clientele. Because if you don't have clientele, it's always hard to build," said Bentley.

With that said, pounding the pavement like we did and dropping in in-person, does give you an edge. Instead of being just another resume, employers say they admire the aggressiveness. Just make sure you dress the part.

"You know, how the person appears to their job," said Allen.

"Personality goes a long ways," said Bentley.

And if you're trying to get ahead, go in even if there's not a sign posted. One tanning salon, for instance, told us they just had a position open up, but you'd never know unless you asked.