East Texas Recession Survival Guide: Twitter angels

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

A simple premise gone high tech - "to drive those one on one connections." An online community encourages kindness among virtual neighbors to help Americans get back to work. One tweet at a time.

"We simply say, 'help one person find a job,' we do mean it," said founder Mark Stelzner.

As the ranks of the unemployed continue to swell Job Angels took flight via Twitter ready to connect job hunters to employers.

"It was one simple tweet, less than two months ago, that within 30 minutes, was retweeted or remessaged probably about 100 to 150 times," said Stelzner. "People then asked me, 'what should we name this, what should we call it,' and I just whimsically threw out there, 'Job Angels.'"

Job Angels has spread from a Twitter feed to social networking sites: Linked in and Facebook. Thousands of followers exchanged job leads resume tips and free advice.

"I got my own coach who just wanted to help," said Leslie Birdwell. "That was her ulterior motive, to be good and kind and to help people."

While using social networking sites Job Angels says their ultimate goal is to move the community offline where members will offer the same hope in the same spirit.

"So if Job Angels does nothing more than to remind people to help those with whom they already associate with we've succeeded," said Stelzner.

If you'd like to visit the Job Angels Twitter site just go to our Big Red Box and then click on the link "Job Angels."