"Bugles Across America" Sound This Veteran's Day

Dr. Ken Muckelroy is a retired music professor, who donates his time to honoring America's heroes. He's part of the group "Bugles Across America". They are trying to give as many veterans their final honor: a playing of "Taps" at their funerals. Muckelroy says: "According to an act of Congress, every veteran of military service in the United States, has this privilege. It's something we feel very strongly about, because these guys deserve it." About 1,100 veterans of World War II die each day, plus many others from subsequent conflicts. There just aren't enough skilled musicians to play at each one of their funerals. Muckelroy says: "The Department of Defense says there are only 500 buglers in the military and that are available." "We view very strongly that the veterans of the United States military should have a live bugler at their services." "It's something I want to do, I want to be available for these." "I consider it a rare privilege to be able to do this. I have felt that way since childhood."