Liquor on Sundays: Love it or hate it?

By Taylor Hemness - email

Right now, Happy Jack's in Big Sandy can only sell beer and certain wines on Sunday. They still do a lot of business in their drive-in beer store, but the side of the store that holds the hard liquor is closed on Sundays.

Employee Britani Gross thinks there's a lot of business the store is losing because of the state law.

"We've got a lot of cars pulling in on Sunday, coming up and shaking the doors," Gross says.  "We just have to say 'Liquor store's closed on Sunday!'"

Mineola resident Buddy Bledsoe, who shops at Happy Jack's, says the market for alcohol is still there on the second half of the weekend.

"They have church on Wednesday, what's the difference in Sunday," Bledsoe says. "Most people drink anyway, they buy more on Saturday just for Sunday, so why not just be open."

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, adding the extra day would generate between 93 and 115 million dollars in new sales, and between 8.7 and 10.8 million in new tax revenues, if it was enacted statewide.

But Jade James, who manages Happy Jack's liquor store, thinks the expence of running the store an extra day, and paying employees to be there, is not cost effective.

She also says Sunday should be left to the family.

"You know, we want to spend time with our families, and go to church or whatever," James says. "I mean just because we work at a beer store doesn't mean we're not Christians."