From the brink of death, to national contender

By: Coleman Swierc -

GLADEWATER, TEXAS (KLTV) - One Gladewater Bear is ready and able to take on the competition, after coming back from the brink of death.

Every day after school, you will find Quinton Thomas pumping iron.

"This is where I live, basically, I come in here and lift, and just chill."

The fact that Quinton is even in the weight room, makes what he is doing, that much more special.

"When you sit back and look at it, it is special to go from where he has been and where he is now," said Gladewater power-lifting coach Kyle Little.

Where he was, was in a hospital, just sevev months ago, Quinton Thomas was barely alive.

"They told me I had a heat stroke, and that my muscles were breaking down," said Thomas, in an interview with KLTV back in August.

Thomas spent two weeks in ICU, recovering.

Now, Quinton spends his time building back, what was once broken.

"Whatever does not kill you, only makes you stronger," joked Thomas.

That is literal, the amazing comeback for Quinton does not stop in this weight room, it will make stops at the state meet in Austin, and at the national power-lifting meet in Oklahoma City.

"I never thought that I was not going to be able to do it," said Thomas, "I knew it was going to be hard doing it, so I just hit the weight room and did all I could to get back to where I was."

"I mean how do you do that, after coming from a heat stroke, he can squat 600 at a 100%, and he is already doing 575, he is already back to normal, almost," said teammate Colt Corey.

Just don't tell him he can't do it, Quinton Thomas doesn't want to hear, what can't be done.

"I tell them all the time to quit whining, it could be worse."