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Cussing it up!

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) -  People are angry, and the swear words are flying.

"If they had a job, they're cussing their boss or their co-workers," said Mark Jones of Longview. "If they don't have a job, their cussing the unemployment commission 'cause they can't get their unemployment check."

More people are cussing it up, and licensed counselor Kaye Ratzlaff said it can help ease their tension but should not be the end all.

"Cursing to me is just a form of venting or what we call in our profession processing," said Ratzlaff. "Those people that do curse to relieve stress, it's probably going to increase when they are dealing with their 401-K or see the Dow drop."

"Anytime we're in personal or global crisis, I think it creates a lot of fear and anxiety for people and if people naturally curse or use profanity, occasionally to relieve some of that stress or anxiousness that's going to increase," said Ratzlaff.

"I think it can be cathartic, just that relief of emoting, but it shouldn't be the end all."

Some folks say cursing is a safer option than violence.

"Times are so hard right now, so people just cussing to get stress off of them," said Anthony Smith, a college student. "You'd rather cuss than strangle somebody."

"I'd rather cuss somebody out because I'm upset than run my car over some body," laughed Billy Owen of Longview.

And then there's folks like Charline Herriage who just curse all the time.

"It makes me feel superior," she exclaimed.

"I curse even more whenever I get mad at somebody so it's just a habit I guess," said Herriage who works at Back Street Bar and Grill. "I've done it all my life. I don't believe cursing has anything to do with the economy."

"When I was young and drinking the beers and stuff I was really good at it," laughed Betty Lee. "If that's good?"

Of all the people we interviewed, one East Texas man gave us a more relaxing option.

"Try some pilates.," laughed Jonathan Jenkins.

Ratzlaff says exercising is a great way to help manage stress. You can also try meditating, or find a relaxing hobby.

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