A Better East Texas: Cell Phone Video Fights

Fights between students at school have existed for decades.  But now, we have a new element that has to be addressed.  Students with video-ready cell phones have started recording fights with their cell phones and posting them on-line.  A quick search of You Tube yields thousands of such postings.  In fact, it is obvious that many of the fights happen for the benefit of the camera.  I have a hard time understanding why a student would need a cell phone to begin with.  And I know that there are legitimate reasons for some.  But let's be honest.  For most kids, having a cell phone is a luxury.  And now that luxury has been abused.  Parents, if your child has a video ready cell phone, then monitor the images they are capturing.  School administrators must also step up to write and enforce policies that address the use of cell phones on campus.  Many districts have such policies but they now have to address the misuse of cell phones on campus.  Our children are at school to get a classroom education, not to become bloodied internet stars. Our young people are brilliant when it comes to embracing technology but some have gone too far.  This new show and tell world has many benefits and pitfalls.  Guiding our children through it as parents and educators will make this a better east Texas.