"Does it Work?": Pasta 'n' More

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - "The Pasta 'n' More is the most exciting cooking pot to come along in years," exclaims TV personality Cathy Mitchell of As Seen on TV fame.

We decided to try it out! You get a recipe and instruction book, an extender that allows you to put two layers of food in the pasta cooker, a storage lid, a steamer stray for cooking vegetables or other foods and the main pasta cooker itself. Each handle is a two portion measure of spaghetti. The container it is FDA approved food grade cooking plastic.

Because there were not pictures in the instructions, it took a while to figure it out. In the end, simplicity won out. You simply pour your pasta in the main bowl, add water to the level called for in the instruction book, and pop it in the microwave. No lid or anything.

We were making great time, but then things slowed down. We cooked the pasta for 21 minutes in the microwave.

After straining off a little extra water and adding some cheese the pasta was perfect!

"Does it Work?" We give the Pasta 'n' More a "yes". The Pasta n' More is $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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