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Town landmark faces shaky future

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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MALAKOFF, TX (KLTV) - For nearly seventy years the Old Rock School in Malakoff has been a part of the town's history. Pat Isaacson of the Malakoff Historical Society says its significance is deep in the community.

"The impact of that school was unbelievable on the community and all the people who went to school there are so proud of that school," said Isaacson.

But, times are changing and the school could soon be torn down.

"I am sympathetic to their situation," said superintendent, John Spies. "I can understand. I agree it's a neat building it has historical significance."

John Spies, Superintendent of Malakoff ISD says the 14,600 square foot building is halting growth of the new elementary school built next door. Planned to be demolished last year, the school board agreed to spare the school giving the historical society $60,000 to move it to another location. Members suggested a museum.

"There are six things that people like to do on vacation," said Isaacson. "Number one is to visit old homes and schools or old buildings that were built in another era."

To move it, each flagstone of the school's exterior would have to be individually numbered, and the building would have to be cut into three sections. Estimates for the move start at half a million dollars, a far cry from the 60,000 it would cost to knock it down.

"It would be cheaper for us to build a new structure that would meet code than try to bring that building up to code," said Spies.

But Isaacson says the school is teaching lessons even today.

"It's good for our kids to know we had a past and that past was very important for our future," he said.

The school board gave the historical society nine months to raise the money. The school's fate will be decided at the first school board meeting in September.

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