Local Church Throws Festival For Orphanages

Byrd Lane Baptist Church held their fall festival Saturday, with proceeds to benefit an orphanage. There were the usual assortment of games, arts and crafts, and sweets for sale, but all for the good cause.

They were accepting money or donations of food for admission. Even before the festival opened, the church had raised over a thousand dollars. The money and canned food will all go to help the orphanage.

Paster Charlie Strength said, "We're going to take every dime we earn here, and that'll go toward buying toothpaste, hairbrushes, combs, soap, tissue paper, whatever the orphanage needs to open that thing up."

Saturday's Fall Festival was also part of the church's "Youth4Youth" program. They hope the program will teach kids how to take care of other children.

Reid Kerr reporting.