KLTV Employees Pick Up Tools For Habitat For Humanity

The women of KLTV were out Saturday, working with Habitat For Humanity on a new home. KLTV employees were driving nails, stuffing insulation, and siding the newest house on the block.

They were working on Habitat's "Woman Built" house, built from the ground up by women of the community. Even though it's a change of pace for them, they say it's all worth it.

"I can't tell you how many times I've hit myself with a hammer," KLTV anchor Gillian Sheridan said. "But when you see the owner's face, who's also out here helping to build this, it makes it all worthwhile. Although it's going to be rewarding for her because she gets to move in here, it's rewarding for us helping to build it for her."

KLTV reporter Kerri Panchuk said, "It gets to you that you're really putting the insulation in for somebody else's house. It really hits you that there's a lot of responsibility to it, and it hits you that you can do this for someone else and you can do things you've never done before."

Reid Kerr reporting.