Girl Power: New Diana Lady Eagles headed to nationals

When the New Diana Lady Eagles compete, they really put some muscle into it.

Annirese Watson, Destiny Woods and Kayla Chambers made Eagle history by earning a spot in nationals.

Over the weekend Annirese won a state title in powerlifting for a third straight year.

"I plan on doing it like on and on as I get older," Annirese said, "because it's something that I love to do."

As middle school students, Coach Marcus Camp encouraged the girls to powerlift. It was a sport they had never considered.

"He was like, 'See you next year for powerlifting,'" Annirese explained. "I was like, 'What is powerlifting?' and he said it's lifting weights and you're going to do it your freshman year. I said alright."

Now the girls say they have found a strength did not know they had.

"At our school we have girls that weigh 90 pounds that do it," sophomore Destiny Woods explained. "We have a lot of girls that do it and I think we're just a big team and we really enjoy it. I think that if more girls did it, more girls would enjoy it."

Annirese bench presses 190 pounds, and has squated 415 pounds. Destiny has benched 145 pounds and squated 300 pounds.

"I get about 325 (pounds), 330 (pounds) on dead lifts," Destiny smiled.

Kayla Chambers was skeptical when first asked to join the team.

"The first time I ever even got asked about powerlifting I was like, I don't think I can do it because I'm too small," Kayla said.

Kayla is all of 90 pounds and, "inching over five feet. Maybe getting over five feet," Kayla laughed.

But Kayla proved big things can come in small packages.

"The most I've ever benched is 85 and the most I've squatted is 190," she said.

These Lady Eagles want other girls to know, if they can so can you.

"Stop crying just do it," Annirese said. "We've got girls now in the 7th grade that look at us and they're like that's pretty cool. They're wanting to do it and they're just starting to grow into it. So I think we have a future in this sport."

The USA powerlifting high school nationals will be April 4-5th in Killeen, Texas. If the girls make the national team, they head to the world competition in Brazil this summer.