Proposed law would provide more info about Plan B pill

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Anyone 17 years or older can walk up to a drugstore counter and buy the Plan B pill, no prescription required.

"It's not a pill that people are just walking in and grabbing like a piece of gum," said Sandy Collier, a pharmacist for a privately owned pharmacy. "I mean, you have to show a driver's license and ask for it behind the counter."

A state bill is proposing more information for buyers. Pharmacists would be required to tell women exactly how the pill can block an egg that may already be fertilized. In addition, the bill would also require a sign at the cash register. Collier and her co-workers provide information and answer questions on all medications.

"Any time someone is gaining access to the correct information about any medication, how it works, what exactly it does - that's never a problem," said Collier about the possible mandate.

However, some users say no education required. They know all about the Plan B pill. A pharmacist who once worked at a large chain said on Monday mornings they would sell tons of Plan B pills. The customers were usually college students who went to school right across the street.

Also, across the street from campus is the Catholic Student Center.

"The Catholic Church view on this one would be straight away, no to that pill," said Father Jesu Tomson.

He describes the pill as "evil". Tomson realizes that the guidance isn't followed strictly when it comes to rape. He said some Catholic hospitals offer the plan B pill.

Another Plan B proposed law would require the contraception be offered immediately to sexual assault survivors, a practice Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital has followed for years.

"It's kept here in the emergency room and is available on request for anybody that would fit that situation," explained Dr. Malcom Lyons, emergency room physician.

Heated debate on the Plan B pill legislation is underway. Four years ago the arguments against similar measures killed the proposals in committee.