East Texas Food Bank's Empty Shelves

It's noon and lunchtime for the pre-schoolers at Tyler Day Nursery. What you won't see is who helps put the food on the table for the children of lower income families.

"The Tyler Day Nursery could not provide food if it were not for the East Texas Food Bank," says Alicia Hill, Executive Director of Tyler Day Nursery. "We see so much hunger it amazes me."

Once a week, Tyler Day Nursery picks up their order from the food bank, only then, are they able to serve a full breakfast, lunch and homemade snack.

"Most of the children in our care, that's the only meals they receive a day," says Hill.

But the East Texas food bank can't feed the children at the nursery and their 199 other agencies without donations.

"We had over a million pounds distributed out of this facility last month," says Joey Morris, East Texas Food Bank Director of Operations. "More than we've ever had done before and the supply is continually dropping".

Rows and rows at the East Texas Food Bank are missing canned goods. Its the one needy east Texans need the most and now the one they need you to give.

"But the smallest donation of rice is important to us," says Morris. "We have a lot of people to feed. We serve 26 counties. We need all that we can get. Nothing is too small."

But small donations to the East Texas Food Bank are a vital part of the equation to feed every single mouth in every Tyler day nursery classroom and give them the brain food they need to learn.

   Dana Dixon, reporting.