Proud Of East Texas: Evelyn Appelbee

By Joan Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Dana Hughey email - bio

Henderson, TX (KLTV)  Evelyn Appelbee's poetry is filled with the themes of "Home, Country and God", as much of her life has been.

During World War Two, it wasn't enough for Appelbee to just have three brothers in the service, she had to join th U.S. Marine Corps Women's Reserve. Her published book of poetry "Lands Where our Fathers Died" contains her experiences and perceptions during that time.

Appelbee has five published books of poetry, as well as poems in dozens of scholastic journals and magazines.

One of her favorite projects during her longtime membership in the Rusk Country Poetry Society is their sponsorship of the "Annual Youth In Schools Poetry Awards Contests". For information on the annual contest, go to the Big Red Box on our website.