Couple in their '70's biking across the country

By Molly Reuter - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - From California, to New York, an East Texas man and his wife are biking across the country for a good cause, and they say because they can.

With their bright yellow cycling gear and tandem bike, it's hard not to notice Richard and Susan Rogers coming down the street. At the age of 71 and 69, these bicyclists have quite a story to tell.

"We really enjoy it," said Richard who grew up in Tyler.  "We have a great time, and you know you can really see the sights when your on a bicycle."  The Rogers are biking across the country for the Mustard Seed Tutorial Center, a non-profit tutoring center in Redlands, California where they live.  They began their 3,500 mile journey on February 21st in California.  Their destination, West point, New York where they will attend the 50th reunion of Richard's West Point graduating class.

Sunday, the Rogers made a special stop in Tyler to visit Richard's sister and for some much needed rest.

"Ooh, our bottoms are sore," said Susan.

"Yeah, our bottoms," said Richard.  The Rogers say the best thing about their trip, the people.

"The little town of Big Lake out in West Texas, at a convenience store a gentleman walked up to us and invited us to stay at his ranch with him, and we are just strangers to him, so we meet a lot of great people and really enjoy it," said Richard.  Who knows who they'll meet the rest of the way.

Again, the Rogers trip across the country will take 67 days, and get this, it's not their first time. In 2004, the couple took a northern route from Seattle to New York.

Learn more about the Roger's trip and track their progress go to the homepage and click on the Big Red Box.  There you will find "Biking Across The Country."