E-mail threatens your life: police call a hoax

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted By Molly Reuter - bio | email

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - A local police department is warning  about a new e-mail and text message scam.  The emails threaten you'll be killed, if you don't pay up.  Pittsburg Police Chief Richard Penn says a resident received an email earlier this week claiming to come from a paid hit-man.  It says you have to pay out a large sum of money to avoid being killed.

"This is someone who is taking and preying on two emotions that are of the greatest factor in humans," said Penn.  "One being fear, the other being greed.  This one preys on fear simply for the reason they're looking to take and try to extort money from someone, and that's what this is."   Chief Penn says as of right now, they don't have any clue as to who sent the email.