NCAA's shortest star

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Miami, FL (KLTV/NCAA) -  Eric Bell is quick to point out...the media guide says 5'3.

"Officially I am 5'4."

Either way, it's been a tall order for Bell.

"I did not go to Mclennan JC to recruit Eric Bell, I went to recruit one of his teammates," said SFA Head Coach Danny Kaspar.

Bell eventually made it to SFA, now he has the honor of being the shortest player in NCAA Tournament history, but his play, now has big time players, looking up to him.

"You have to watch out for guys like that, they are scrappy," said Syracuse guard Jonny Flynn, "and from what I have seen of film, he likes to get up and down the court, and really gets after it defensively, so I got a tough match up right there."

"He's [Flynn] always been one of my top point guards in the NCAA, So I feel like it will be a great opportunity for me to match up against him," said Bell.

Bell's best dishes, have served as a spark for SFA, and now the 'Jacks, and Bell are on the big stage.

And now he must watch out, for bigger players.

"I am going to have my big guy come over and set a screen to get me open," said Flynn

Kaspar chuckled, "There are a couple of things that I pray for, one of them is that none of my players ever get hurt, but at 5'3, 140 pounds, he gets a little extra prayer."