Update on Condition of Injured Tyler Pipe Worker

The family of Guadalupe Garcia has been at the hospital nearly around the clock for the last week.

Garcia is still in critical condition since he was nearly killed on the job.

Dr. Scott Norwood, ETMC Director of Trauma Services: "His blood pressure when EMS arrived was 40. Normal would be 120."

At ETMC, the five hour operation was led by Dr. Scott Norwood.

"The blood vessels to both his legs had been completely severed," he says.

Despite that, the call was made to try to repair the damage. But this Tuesday, infection forced doctors to amputate both legs.

He's received massive amounts of blood, and so far has beaten the odds.

Daughter Mariela Carillo: "I want to tell the world that my daddy is a miracle, so I want to thank everyone for all the blood donations, all the support."

200 units of blood products he's received so far. That's at least 30 times an average adults volume.

Dr. Norwood: "A lot of places in this country, he would have never received that much blood. A lot of places have arbitrary cut-offs, when you have thirty or forty units, then that's it."

The road to recovery will take months, then long rehabilitation. But to Mariela, the doctors, the donors and her dad are all heroes.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.