Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Right now, many "brides to be" are in the midst of making plans for their summer nuptials. But there may be one aspect of your wedding you don't know about that could be just as important as saying "I Do."

"I only have one child so we knew we were only going to do this once," Molly Denny tells. "We had made countless plans and talked endless hours about how things would be."

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Molly Denny can only rely on memory for her daughter Laura's wedding. That's because the photographer never returned the pictures. "You don't get the day again," Denny says. "You don't have those same people in that same place with that same atmosphere ever!" But if Molly had purchased wedding insurance, she could have had the entire day re-staged and re-shot--even with flying folks from the wedding party back in town.

Wedding planner Ava Zollers says many couples don't even know the coverage is out there, "You can purchase wedding insurance to cover as little or as much as you'd like it to cover."

From a damaged or stolen dress, venders who go out of business, lost deposits, even a misplaced ring. The only thing it will not cover is the decision to cancel the wedding by the bride or groom because they had a change of heart.

The cost of the insurance varies. It depends on the expense of the wedding. Most policies will start in the $100 range. 

   Jennifer Brice, reporting.