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Police: rumor of gang initiation in Wal Mart parking lot a hoax

UPDATE 04:00pm: Here is a press release the Longview PD just sent out:

Longview Police Detectives are currently investigating hoax text messages that have circulated that warn of random acts of violence at retail stores.

The messages, received on the cell phones of several Longview area residents, warn that a "gang initiation" is going to take place at a Wal Mart and that three shoppers are going to become random targets of a gang shooting. 

Upon investigating the sources of these warning messages, it was found that these types of messages have dated back for several years and are widely recognized as a hoax aimed at causing fear among the people that receive them. 

The Longview Police Department takes threats of any nature seriously and officers patrolling commercial retail areas are aware of these messages. Detectives are unable to verify that these messages are legitimate and we ask if you receive a message of this nature, please do not forward it to anyone else. If a credible threat were to be received by the Longview Police Department, the information would be forwarded to the public immediately through proper media outlets. 


Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS - A rumor has spread across East Texas and even into Shreveport and Bossier City regarding a shooting that was supposed to occur at Wal Mart, but police say no evidence has been found to support this rumor.

The Lufkin Police Department said they received over one hundred calls Wednesday night and Thursday morning regarding the rumor, that they said appears to be a nationwide hoax or urban legend that is circulating via cell phone text messages and e-mail.

According to police, the rumor is that a gang from a large city is coming to shoot women or kidnap women from the local Wal Mart as part of a gang initiation. The rumor has some variations but they all have one common thread -  danger to the public at Wal Mart.

Lufkin Police can find no legitimate basis for this rumor and the source has not been located. It appears to be just a rumor that has circulated nation-wide and has no basis that they can find.

We also talked to Longview and Tyler police who also said the story is a rumor that has been circulating for years.

The rumor is spreading across the Internet as well. Click here to go to a site that has more information about how and when the rumor started.

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