The math behind bracket madness

It is estimated that every March, 30 million people will fill out an NCAA bracket.

Is it possible to correctly pick the entire bracket? KLTV 7 Sports went in search for some bracket strategies.

"I would pick every team from Pennsylvania," one college student told us.

"Probably the team with the cutest uniforms," another said.

"I would pick the team with the hottest guys" one young lady told us. 

Even the president does the bracket. No word on his theory but he did pick Syracuse to beat SFA.... Just a note.

The odds however of picking every game correct are astronomical.

"You are about as likely to pick a random star out of the universe than you are to get every game right," Dr. Nathan Smith, a math professor told us.

"The percentage is 0.00000000000000001%," Dr. Smith explained.

In fact, since the NCAA field went to 64 teams in 1985, not a single documented ''perfect'' bracket has ever been recorded.

If you plan on taking the high road, the odds that every top seed would win every game are a mere 1 in 546,000,000,000.

"Just flip a coin," Dr. Smith told us.