Gift of Love: Kirya And Kenny Get Forever Family

By Gillian Sheridan

Sitting in Bergfeld Park in Tyler, Aaron and Monica remember how their relationship started.  "Whenever we first met that, was one of the things that we had in common is that we always wanted to adopt," Aaron said.

This East Texas couple married, and shortly after, "We're like, let's look into it. So, we looked into it actually and saw some of the stuff on the Gift of Love," Aaron said.

That's when Aaron and Monica met 5 year old Kirya and 4 year old Kenny.  At first, they were concerned because Kenny is a child with special needs. "It's something I thought I could never do, but once we really got to know him and spend time with him, there was no way I could say no." Monica goes on to say, "I just fell in love with him right there."

And it was obvious they were meant to be a family. Kenny looks just like his new dad. "I've always imagined having a little guy call me daddy and it's like that is so cool. That's awesome."

And Kiyra favors her new mother, even complete strangers think so. Monica says, "This man came up to me and said 'Is that your daughter?' I was like, yes. He said 'I could tell. She looks exactly like you.'"

Looking over at her new family Kirya says, "I love my new mommy and daddy. They make me happy."

Happy and healthy, and improving everyday. I asked Kirya, "How's Kenny been doing?" She replied, with her hand on her hip, "Well, he's been doing fine. Have you seen his tummy?"

She's talking about her brother's feeding tube, which has now been removed. As we walk over to Kenny on the slide he immediately lifts his shirt, proud that his tummy now looks like all the other kids. He sports a big smile as he gives me a big hug.

As new parents, Aaron and Monica have learned a little encouragement, goes a long way. Helping Kenny on the monkey bars Aaron says, "Reach for it Kenny. Good job!"

"It's amazing just to watch Kenny come from where he was, to now. It really is amazing," Aaron said.

Reaching for her mom's hand Kiyra says, "Please help me mommy."

As she watches her children play Monica says, "Just knowing that now these siblings get to grow up together is great and rewarding."

These children have taught this couple a lot about patience and love, and nothing can take away the bond that has now formed.

Aaron says, "I love 'em. I couldn't imagine our lives being without them." Monica adds, "It's an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once. I mean it's awesome. I recommend it to everyone."

An amazing experience, grown out of the Gift of Love.  Kirya says, "I have a forever family now!"

If you'd like information on fostering or adopting, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.