"Cheap Eats": An interesting take on the hamburger

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - At the Smartstop Exxon on Highway 31 in Longview eaters can't get enough of Smartstop's Spankin' Burgers.

"They spank 'em because they're so big," said Donna Doherty, assistant manger. "You have to slap it down on the counter. You got to slap it," she explained banging the table with her hand.

So, what will a Spankin Cheese Burger and drink run you? A greasy $4.74.

"It's scrumptious," Doherty exclaimed.

These weren't just any burgers. They were half a pound, and did I mention hand patted? They also have a taco meal. Two tacos and a drink runs you even cheaper at $4.32.

Next, we traveled to Pietro's Neighborhood Pizzeria on Gilmer Road. It is a family owned italian restaurant.

"We have true New York style pizza by the slice and all our slices are ten inches," said Joseph Filippazzo, with Pietro's Neighborhood Pizzeria. "You can get any value meal with a drink for less than $5. Our supreme pizza has 11 toppings on it with the drink, and that's less than $5."

For some true authentic mexican food we hit up Tacos Goyo on Loop 281.

"Tacos, tortas, quesadillias, they're one of the best," said Francisco Rodriguez, a customer. "Plus, they're cheap. No Tex-Mex here. No, [only] real Mexican food."

"In Mexico, there's real small tacos but they taste good and they can give you a good flavor," explained Alberto Pitman, owner.

Tacos Goyo offers several "Cheap Eats" meals $5 and under. You can get two burritos and a drink, or three tacos and a drink for $4.75. And the salsa is good and spicy.

"Everything's homemade," he said. "Nothings made from the can."

Here are your bonus "Cheap Eats":

1.) Bruce's Bar-b-cue Kountry
     201 West Main Street in Hallsville, TX
     A Sloppy Joe, side item, drink = $4.68

2.) Texas Express in Tatum has a wonderful hamburger basket for $4.63, tax included. You get a 1/3 pound hamburger with fresh veggies, you choice of a side order and a drink. It is located at 120 North Hill Street in Tatum.