Brushing up on brain power

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Giving students of all ages a chance to brush up on their brain power, Joe Oliphant is a personal brain trainer.

"We know it's important to keep your heart healthy," said Oliphant. "We know it's important to keep your body healthy and now we're realizing that its just as important to keep your brain in top condition as well."

Testing the brain, a seven year study just released their results. Peak mental age is 22 but decline starts at 27.

To see for ourselves we conducted a little experiment. The first challenged was to call out colors. So what's the catch? The words and the color of their ink didn't necessarily correspond. For example, the word "red" might be printed in blue ink.

I passed the first test with flying colors, then things got a bit harder.

"[You are] just calling out the colors but I am gonna be distracting you this time," said Oliphant.

It was tough, and to compare the age factor, we had cameraman Arthur Clayborne give it a try.

"Blue, red, yellow, green, I messed up again," laughed Clayborne.

Did our experiment work? Did age play a factor in mental capacity?

"Haha I don't like to say that there's any winners or losers but what's unique about everybody's brain is everybody's brain is on a different level," said Oliphant.

And, no matter what level your brain is on, most people do peak in their early twenties. Oliphant says the ripe old age of 27 does bring some changes.

"It is true that you start losing that agility at the age of 27 and it starts dropping off but you can always rebuild it," said Oliphant. "You can slow that drop off down and in most cases you can even strengthen it to where it's stronger than it was at 27 with cognitive training."

The key to staying on top of your mental game is consistency. Whether it be brain exercises or trying new things on a daily basis, pushing your brain from falling into a routine will benefit you for years.

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