Fortune tellers sought during troubling times

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Gayle Tracey's reading room was a tranquil space filled with charms, jewelry, crystal balls, and tarot cards.

"Even when I was a young girl, I've always read people,"  said Tracey.

Using cards and runes as tools, Tracey serves as an intuitive life coach for her customers.

"I'm that really good friend that everybody needs that's not involved in the rest of your life and that advocate that says you can do it," said Tracey.

And for 45 bucks an hour, Tracey says more people are coming in for advice.

"Taking a second business and making it produce more income, a lot of people are wanting to know that," said Tracey. "Whether they should go back and get re-educated for something else."

"Probably ask about my dreams and aspirations," said Kristin Larson.

"I would say financial stability," said Janet McMillen

"We actually have a friend who reads tarot cards on us and sometimes it's surprisingly accurate," said Brandon Harris.

But some disagree and say that's the last thing they'd splurge on.

"If I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't spend money on it," said Earlene Patterson.

"Really, only God knows what's going on," said Susan Mariani.

"If you have financial troubles, you go to God, not psychics," said Stephanie Wright.

Tracey says her readings go with any belief system, and she's worked against a stereotype.

"For a long time, that image of the old gypsy fortune teller," said Tracey.

In today's troubling times, Tracey hopes to encourage and enlighten.

"I am really excited to see people opening up to this," said Tracey.  "I've known that I could help people."

Whether you believe or not, current times has more looking to the "beyond," and soul searching for answers.

In fact all types of paranormal specialists are seeing an increase in customers nation-wide. Everything from astrologists, palm readers, even numerologists.