East Texas lawmaker: " I will never believe that I've evolved from a salamander,"

By Layron Livingston llivingston@kltv.com

Science degrees for teaching creationism.

That's the latest battle State Representative Leo Berman has begun fighting.

Representative Berman filed House Bill 2800, which would allow private, nonprofit institutions to award masters degrees in science for research in intelligent design.

The Institute for Creation Research was able to award those graduate degrees in California, but the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board denied the institution the ability to do that here in Texas.

Berman says that's why he filed his bill.

He told us, "I am a creationist. I believe in intelligent design and I will never ever believe that I've evolved from a salamander crawling out of a swamp, millions of years ago. There are no links to show how we got here today from that salamander. That's one of the reasons I would like to see creationism taught in Texas, and I'll keep on fighting until we do."