Planes, trains, and what was that rolling down the road?!

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - If you were cursing the miles of traffic backed up on Highway 31 just north west of Kilgore and asking yourself why, why, why, wh- you get the idea, then here is the answer to the question that plagued drivers from 10:30am to 3pm on Monday.

It took nearly 300 tires and 360,000 pounds of equipment to transport a 640,000 pound gas/water separator tank from Surface Equipment Corporation in Kilgore to the railroad station. Add it all up and you get a grand total of 1,000,000 pounds moving across East Texas.

The tank is beginning its journey across the globe by catching a ride on the Union Pacific. Once aboard, It will make it's way to Houston where it will hop on a boat and sail away to its new home in Egypt's oil fields.

Who had the incredible task of moving the heavy load? Turner Bros. Crane and Rigging in Longview. They moved the tank all the way from Kilgore to Longview. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad is the railroad company that is transporting the tank from Longview to Houston, then another company will ship it off to Egypt.