Woman brings her imaginary world to life

By Molly Reuter - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman is inspiring people to see things differently through a world of imagination and color. Beth Keitt Brubaker of Henderson has been drawing since she was a little girl. Little did she know, her fantasy world would turn into a book for all to see.

"I can draw little ones," said Brubaker. "I can probably draw three, or four in one night." Rabbits, lions, and creatures you just can't help, but look at, wondering what's going on here.

"I like calling it the screamer because you don't sometimes see him at first," said Brubaker as she pointed at one of her paintings. Curiosity, Brubaker says she hopes encourages people to use their imagination.

"The book came when I was finally ready to let go of them because they were my little children, all these thousands of characters, and I didn't want to show them to anybody because I was afraid they would be taken wrong, or something," said Brubaker. It all started when Brubaker was teaching art at an elementary school in Houston. She said she had all these scrap pieces of paper full of blobs and water spots, but to Brubaker it was so much more.

"I started seeing faces, and I had a pen, so I started drawing them, and the kids started going, 'oh I see this, and this and that.'" Soon, came the color, and lot's of it, and then a name, Keittoodles.

"It just seems to really speak to a person, wherever they are because there are characters throughout the book that remind them of somebody," said Brubaker. She says her ultimate goal is to motivate people to want to read the bible. Her Keittoodles, Brubaker says are a gift from God.

"I knew as I went a long the importance of it because it became more and more real, and they (Keittoodles) just kept evolving, and that's what he lead me, was too this point," said Brubaker. A colorworld, full of characters, or Keittoodles Brubaker says we all belong to.

Brubaker moved to Houston from Henderson after she got married. She currently teachers high school art. To learn more about her book, go to our homepage and click on the Big Red Box. There you will find Keittoodles.