Help an East Texan get the best job in the world

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted By Molly Reuter - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - You can help an East Texan get his dream job.  It's a contest billed as the best job in the world... lounge on an island beach and have fun in the sun and surf, all while earning a nice paycheck. The Australian government is hiring an island caretaker off the barrier reef and kicked-off an online competition for the position.  More than 34,000 entries flooded the contest Website and now one East Texas man is a finalist.

Steven Rogers is ready to take the plunge

"Hi, my name's Steven, and I would love to be island caretaker on the great barrier reef," said Rogers in his online video audition.  It wasn't long after Tourism Queensland's six month island caretaker job was advertised East Texas native Rogers heard about it.

"One of the receptionists here at work showed it to me and said 'check this out,'" said Rogers.  He did, writing and editing his video entry in just three days, even if it meant making some sacrifices.

"This is going to be really cold," said Rogers before diving into a freezing lake in his audition video.  A world class traveler, Rogers has plenty of experience visiting every continent except Australia, a fact he wants to change he says.

"It's a six month job, but I imagine you can do something new and something exciting every day that you're there," said Rogers.  But he's not hired just yet. Rogers has some competition, but thinks he's still the best fit for the best job.

"My unique background and abilities, and the fact that all the wild things I've done in my life fit so perfectly with what they're looking for, that I hope it's a piece of the puzzle that fits right into place," said Rogers.  If that puzzle comes together, his office will get a little bigger.

If you would like to make Roger's dream job a reality, go to our homepage and click on the Big Red Box.  There you will find "Best Job In The World," or click here.

Voting ends March 24th.