Paraplegic man suffers spider bite, walks again

Posted By Molly Reuter - bio | email

MANTECA, CA (KOVR) - A Manteca, California man has been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years.  Now, this paraplegic man is walking again, and his doctors call it a miracle.

A motorcycle accident almost killed David Blancarte 21 years ago.  At the time, he might have wished he was dead.  Ever since, David's been relying on his wheelchair to get around.  Then came the spider bite.  A brown recluse sent him to the hospital, then to rehab for eight months. A nurse noticed David's leg spasm and ran a test on him.  He felt the current and the rush of a renewed sense of hope.  Five days later, David was walking.  Now, David is out of the hospital and on his feet and walking.

"When they zapped me, I felt the current," said Blancarte.  "I said whoa, whoa, whoa.  I yelled. She (nurse) says, 'your nerves are alive.  They're only asleep.'"  David basks in his glory and gives a ray of hope to other hoping to walk again.  The 48-year-old former boxer and dancer is taking it in stride, knowing his best days are still ahead.  David's dream is to see his 14-year-old twin daughters grow up and get married, so he can walk them down the aisle and have that first dance.