Sweet Sue's Famous Bean Poll Calls For Upset

At Sweet Sue's Restaurant in Tyler, the bean polls closed at 2:25 Tuesday afternoon, thus beginning the official count began for "Bean Decision 2002." Cashier Chris Jones was chosen as the official bean-counter.

"I was sitting there, I was thinking, I can not mess up on these numbers," she said. "And if I cheat, I can't cheat. And when I had like half a bean, I thought, now is that a chad?"

The beans were paired in twos and totaled, and the count continued for almost forty minutes. Security for the bean poll was high, as no one was allowed to talk to Jones during the actual count.

Almost three thousand beans were cast, an impressive number but still down from the last governors election.

"I think people weren't real happy with the candidates," Jones said. "They they were tired of the negative advertisements. People just weren't interested this year."

In the end, the people spoke through the famous buffet line ballot, selecting Democrat Tony Sanchez over Governor Rick Perry by the count of 1471 beans to 1331.

Jones said if anyone would like to request a recount, they're welcome. But they'll have to count the almost three thousand beans by themselves.

Reid Kerr, reporting.