A journey to uncover unlucky 13th

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We're not feeding into those superstitions but, in our society, when you think about, the number 13 is often avoided altogether, and on many different things you may never notice.

The weather was certainly appropriate. Driving around, we didn't find too many 1300 blocks, and when we did, it would skip 1313. We decided to check the listings. We found one, but it wasn't a current listing, great. So we went to check out some buildings. We hear many of them skip the 13th floor.

"Oh look," I exclaimed looking at the number of floors in the elevator. "10, 11, 12, 14. No 13. Coincidence? I think not."

"This particular elevator has caught on fire before," said Donna Granberry. "This is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Tyler, so."

"We know there's a 13th floor when we get on the elevator," said  Freddie McDowell. "They're just skipping it and go on to the next one for people that are to get on the elevator."

We also heard many hospitals don't have rooms numbered 13. We went to check out what ETMC had. Their map showed a 13! We were directed that way. All to find it was just a broom closet.

"Are there any other 13's in the hospital," I asked Allen Smith.

"Oh yeah," he replied. "We've got one in the basement, in the surgery."

"Surgery? Surgery in the 13," I laughed.

We went back to the streets determined to find a 1313 address! By luck...we found one!

"1313 Lindsay Lane," said McDowell. "I haven't had anything bad happen. I never think about it."

But McDowell did fess up to something strange.

"I got a bill for $13.13 on a Friday the 13th," she said.

The mail man told me there are just a few 1313's on his route. The house has been McDowell's home a long time, and she doesn't plan on moving, despite her unlucky numbers.

"As long as God lets me stay here I'll be right here," said McDowell.

2009 is supposed to be an unusually unlucky year. That's because there are three Friday the 13ths. That only happens once every 11 years.