A Better East Texas

  Better East Texas: The Rise of Socialism

Millennials and the Generation Y young Americans are growing up and are very quickly becoming a force in the political landscape. And many of them are open to embracing “socialism” as structure for how the country is run.

  Better East Texas: Bomb threats and media coverage

Now, if someone is arrested or school is dismissed early, we will inform the public in those instances. But we cannot be used as a pawn to magnify those bad actors.

  Better East Texas: Randy Gregory suspension reflects greater issue with drugs

Some disturbing news recently, with the announcement that Dallas Cowboys rising star, Randy Gregory, was suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

  Better East Texas: Politicians operating out of ignorance dangerous for economy

We need new blood in the governing arena, but it has to be educated on how things work or it could truly spell economic disaster for us all.

  Better East Texas: Is Green New Deal realistic?

The 2020 presidential campaign has already started, and all sides are lining up their battle plans.

  Better East Texas: Shutdown fight 2.0 brewing

The border wall/government shutdown fight, version 2.0, is heating up in Washington. Congress and the president are attempting to find a solution to, you guessed it, the border wall and government funding.

  Better East Texas: Bring back the rivalry

Of all the priorities of the state legislature, scheduling a college football game would seemingly be last on the list on the Governor’s top issues and goals for the new legislative session. But think again.

  Better East Texas: Getting back to discussion without division

It's wrong to jump to conclusions without demanding more information, wrong for taking the bait on social media from sources of questionable origin, and wrong to takes sides and create yet another wall between valid debate and discussion – discussion without division.

  Better East Texas: Government shutdown points out need for financial preparation

The government shutdown was a record one as far as duration. But the term partial has been attached to this as the true scope of the shutdown had some limitations.

  Better East Texas: Facebook vs. your child’s privacy

Think before you post.

  Better East Texas: Will 4-day school week help with teacher recruiting?

Recently, the Athens ISD school board voted to move to a 4-day school week beginning next fall. Roughly 500 districts in 25 states have a similar approach.

  BET: Facebook data sharing

This is the time of year for sharing, but recently, we learned that Facebook has been sharing a little too freely.

  Better East Texas: Vaping leading to rise in tobacco dependence, doctors say

Nearly one in five high school Seniors have used e-cigs in the past month. Additionally, the study reported that in just one year, the percent of students using e-cigs or vaping increased by eighty-seven percent.

  Better East Texas: Celebrities and conspiracies

he world is full of conspiracy theories that, for the most part, are harmless. Things like the Apollo moon landings, the JFK assassination, the 911 attacks, all have substantial data suggesting that reality is not what we have been told.

  Better East Texas: Baby, it’s inappropriate outside?

A classic song from the 1940s is under attack and the result is some radio stations banning the song from the airwaves.

BET: Super Bowl halftime show under fire

The halftime show during the Super Bowl is always a subject of discussion, as well as a huge platform for any artist to perform on the largest television viewing stage of the year.

  Better East Texas: Texas Legislature prepares for next session

The Texas Legislature is preparing for its next session in Austin. The governing body in Texas meets every two years for 140 days to chart the near-term future of Texas.

  Better East Texas: Get a financial health checkup

Interest rates are rising and while they are still historically low, they are on the move up. What does that mean to most of us?

  Better East Texas: Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts making a difference

Years ago, we used to see abducted or missing persons’ pictures printed on milk cartons. Now, we have social media, cell phones and mobile news apps delivering notifications of Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts.

  Better East Texas: Pros, cons of corporal punishment

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated a policy statement that recommends parents avoid all forms of corporal punishment as a form of behavior control in children.

  Better East Texas: Take school bus safety seriously

Better East Texas: Taking School Bus Safety Seriously

  Better East Texas: Healing, civility for the U.S.?

The return of civility would bring healing to the U.S.

  BET: Migrant Caravan, porous borders

No one seems to have an answer in addressing the migrant caravan of several thousand people seeking asylum in the U.S.

  Better East Texas: Corrupt Government

Nations cheat and absolute monarchies can be corrupt. We see a measure of this with the Saudi’s who were once thought to be international friends and now killing a member of the press in their consulate in Turkey.

  Better East Texas: Texans and Tobacco

Texans have always been independent and proud – oftentimes going against the grain of pop culture and other societal pressures.

  Better East Texas: Express your political opinion by voting, not arguing

Before you make that next snarky social media post or engage in a political debate with a friend or family member, register to vote.

  Better East Texas: Weather Channel reporter loses trust

Once the pedestrians entered the shot, Mike Seidel’s cover was blown.

  Better East Texas: Kavanaugh under fire

The #MeToo movement has come from nowhere to prominence and has brought victims out of the shadows.

  Better East Texas: Awareness of rules, good conduct important this school year

There are a lot of ways to get in trouble at school. This time of year, high school students are expected to review and commit to a code of conduct that applies to their campus.

  Better East Texas: Founders said media is ‘necessity and right of the people’

It is no surprise that we are weathering the storm of political divide in America.  Some would say it started with President Obama and some would say President Trump started it, but it may have happened more organically than many would admit.

Better East Texas: High school name change debate concluded for now; what happens next?

The debate on whether to rename Robert E Lee High School in Tyler has come a conclusion for now.

  Better East Texas: Is there a solution to Chicago’s violence problem?

The city of Chicago, one of the largest and most celebrated cities in America has a huge issue with gun violence.

  BET: Sacha Baron Cohen reveals people’s racist attitudes, but needs more diversity

The name Sacha Baron Cohen may not instantly ring a bell, but you have probably seen some of his work. He is an actor who has appeared in several comedy movies such a Talladega Nights, the animated series Madagascar and even the movie musical Les Miserables.

  Better East Texas: ‘Made in America’ should be call to action

President Trump rolled out products from every state during a ceremony recognizing his Made in America campaign. This is the second year of promoting the message of buying products manufactured in America.

  BET: Papa John’s experience may hold lesson for all

Recently, the founder and Chairman of pizza giant Papa John's resigned amid a controversy where he used a racial slur during a company conference call. Now, John Schnatter fully admits he used the term but contends it was taken out of context.

  BET: Little League hopes dashed, but good lessons learned

Hopes for a repeat by an East Texas team in the Little League World Series were dashed recently when the Pineywoods Little League team was found to be in violation of the rules and therefore ineligible to move forward in the tournament, ending a solid season.

  Better East Texas: Eliminating single-use straws good start to help environment

It is always fascinating to see causes emerge and then see a symbol attached to that cause. Enter the common plastic straw and its identity as the poster child for banning some plastic items.

  BET: Complicated border crisis calls for compassion

The crisis at the southern border of the U.S., much of which is in Texas, is very complicated.

  BET: Hierarchy of sports may be changing in the U.S.

Professional sports in America have always been big business. There is little doubt that will continue, but the hierarchy in professional sports may be changing.

Better East Texas: Better, thanks to those who serve

If you grew up in the 1960's and '70's you remember the welcome home (or lack thereof) that our veterans received when they returned from serving our country.

  Better East Texas: Focus on our democracy when considering Supreme Court nominees

As we reflect on the birth of our country this week, we have all hopefully paused to give thanks for America.  While we remain divided on many topics, and protest marches seem to be the order of the day, we should truly focus on what our democracy is and that is a reflection of the will of the people.