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8/28/07-Rusk County

Pipeline Explosion Scorches A Rusk County Man's Hay Fields

Levi Veazey's life work was in his shop, but last weekend his world was turned upside down.

Veazey said he fell asleep on the couch and awoke to a BOOM.

"I actually kind of woke up on the floor because the boom knocked me off the couch onto the floor," he said.

Veazey got up and looked outside the window and saw mud flying and trees blowing and swaying.

"My first thought was tornado."

Veazey said he took cover, but when he went back to the front of the house and looked out of the window, what he saw was just as frightening -- a wall of flames all the way up to his driveway.

A broken gas line shot fireballs into the night sky -- a raging inferno that Veazey barely escaped.

He said he had to drive his car through the flames that had engulfed his front gate.

"My only thought was getting out now, because if I don't get out now I might not ever get out," he said.

The heat was so intense, it melted the vinyl siding on the front of his home.

And the shop where Veazey spent most of his time now looks like a bomb hit it.

Among the cars and trucks destroyed, a 61-year-old tractor, which had been in Veazey's family for three generations, was also destroyed.

"Family heirlooms, and all my tools, stuff to keep this place going, almost everything I needed to keep this place going was in there and I lost it," he said 

Now he's trying to take stock of everything he lost.

He says it's been overwhelming.

"I just thank God that nobody was hurt and no lives were lost," he said.

Layron Livingston, KLTV 7 News. llivingston@kltv.com 

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