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1/24/06-Smith County

Susanna Arroyo Stands Trial

Opening arguments began today in the capital murder trial of Susanna Arroyo. Arroyo is the last of six people to stand trial in connection with the 1999 murder of an 18 year old man.

Adam Carrier was visiting East Texas from his home of Tennessee when he was beaten and stabbed to death on Skidmore Lane in South Tyler.

Susanna Arroyo was a member of the Northside Crips gang in 1999.  That's the year the Smith County DA says Adam Carrier made a fatal mistake. Carrier tried to buy marijuana from Susanna Arroyo along with several other gang members.

In court today, Bingham talked about the first encounter between Carrier and Arroyo.

"The group says, 'Hey, we don't have any marijuana, come back later. We'll take you to get some."

Bingham says when Carrier returned, the group was planning to rob him and his friend.

"But two people wanted more than that. Those two people would be Hersain Gomez and Susanna Arroyo," Bingham said.

Bingham also says after getting Adam onto a dark, desolate road, a friend of theirs slashed his tires. Then, they say, Adam pulled a car jack and spare tire from his trunk to fix the flats.

"Hersain gets the spare tire, he hits him with it, but Adam doesn't go down at that point. As Adam Carrier is whipping that coward, Susanna Arroyo takes one of the tire tools, and she strikes Adam on the back of the head with it," Bingham said.

Then, the DA says evidence will show Gomez and Arroyo drug Adam Carrier into the woods, continued to beat him, and then stabbed him.

Bingham says he has a witness who saw both Arroyo and Gomez flee on a bus to Laredo, just hours later.

Addressing the jury, Bingham said, "Once the evidence is concluded, we're going to ask you to find her guilty, and hold her accountable for the capital murder of Adam Carrier that occured over 6 years ago."

When the state was finished laying out their case, the defense team waived their right to opening statements.

If convicted, Susanna Arroyo could face up to life in prison.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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