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Tyler Dentist pleads guilty to most serious charge

Charles Robinson. Charles Robinson.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – A Tyler Dentist accused of illegally videotaping female tenants in a rent house he owned, has pled guilty to the highest charge against him.

Charles Robinson will serve up to ten years in a state prison for burglary of a habitation. That sentencing is part of a plea deal with Smith County prosecutors, who say several other charges are still pending, but may not stick around for long.

Prosecutor Tonda Curry says the victims of Charles Robinson are relieved with Monday's plea bargain, "He pled guilty to the highest offense that we had. The other offenses are all lower. They would result in him being incarcerated in a much different environment, not a penitentiary."

Curry says finding a way to put Robinson in prison took creativity, "We took what normally would be a state jail felony, a 2 year maximum offense and were able to charge it in such a manner that it actually made it a first degree felony so that we can get 10 years instead of 2 years."

Most importantly, Curry says this is what the victims wanted.

What the victims didn't want, Curry says is to testify in court which means the remaining charges could be dropped.

"We made a statement in court that we anticipated that they would be dismissed," Curry explained.

In order to prosecute Robinson for improper visual recordings, some of those tapes would have to be viewed by a jury.

Curry explains that, "She would be, in some senses of the word, victimized again." She also said when you consider what the victim wanted, justice has been served.

"This man in his late 50s having never been there before, is going to the Texas penitentiary. And this is significant. At the same time, the victim in this case, it's over for her now. She can start recovering."

We've also learned the mother and daughter that Robinson is accused of illegally taping, have settled a civil suit against him.

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