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Perry makes campaign stop in East Texas

Photo taken at Monday afternoon press conference. Photo taken at Monday afternoon press conference.

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Governor Rick Perry made a stop in Tyler while campaigning Monday. He talked about the success Texas has had in bringing in new businesses under his leadership and also controlling spending.

Now that the Republican debates are over, it seems Governor Perry is trying to sway voters, using the fact that our state's resilience to the recession happened under his watch.

"We have the lowest unemployment rate of the 10 largest states and according to Forbes magazine we also have the lowest debt level of those largest 10 states," said Perry.

But, there is a lot of criticism out there from his female Republican counter-parts. Like the fact that Governor Perry supports in-state college tuition for children of illegal immigrants. In Dallas, the governor said they need to be college ready and are on the path to citizenship.

And, to cut the high school drop-out rate, Perry said he wants to create virtual high schools.

"I want to keep them online to get either that diploma or GED," he said. "The result is that their life is going to be better, our state is going to be stronger."

The governor spent most of his time, criticizing Washington, perhaps a jab at Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

"It seems like Washington is careening out of control," he said. "As usual, folks in DC are spending money they don't have on solutions that they really haven't thought through on problems they really don't understand, and I think it's an attempt to make people even more dependent on them."

Speaking of over-spending, critics of Perry say he wasted $380 million in incentives to lure businesses to Texas, companies that opponents say would have come anyway. In response, the governor said he brought Medtronics from San Francisco to San Antonio.

"Moved 1400 jobs and I want to say the average salary is about $60,000 and moved that whole operation to San Antonio, Texas," said Perry. "We were in competition with other states. That enterprise fund is what helped us seal the deal."

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