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Test More of Your Fitness Knowledge

1. When exercising, how many minutes should you include in your workout?
     a. 15 mins.
     b. 20 mins.
     c. 30 mins.
     d. 40 mins.

2. How long does it take for the benefits of exercise training to diminish if you stop exerecising?
     a. 1 week
     b. 2 weeks
     c. 3 weeks
     d. 4 weeks

3. How many calories does it take a medium-sized person to burn one pound of fat?
     a. 1,500
     b. 2,500
     c. 3,500
     d. 4,500

4. What percentage of American adults report no physical exercise in their leisure time?
     a. 10%
     b. 25%
     c. 40%
     d. 50%

5. The most common injuries reported as a result of physical exercise is:
    a. musculoskeletal injuries
    b. cardiovascular problems
    c. joint injuries
    d. internal injuries

6. When exercising you should always warm up and cool down for:
     a. 2 - 3 mins.
     b. 5 - 10 mins.
     c. 10-12 mins.
     d. 12 - 15 mins.

7. When trying to increase your muscle strength, you should exercise:
     a. a minimum of 1 10 min. session/week
     b. a minimum of 2 10 min. sessions/week
     c. a minimum of 1 20 min. session/week
     d. a minimum of 2 20 min. sessions/week

8. As a general rule of exercising you should:
     a. only eat after you exercise
     b. exercise at the end of the day
     c. avoid consecutive days of exercise
     d. consult your doctor before beginning a fitness routine

9. In order to benefit from exercising, you have to maintain your target heart rate for:
    a. 10 mins.
    b. 20 mins.
    c. 30 mins.
    d. 40 mins.

10. If you consume 100 calories a day more than your body needs, you'll gain:
     a. 10 lbs. in a year
     b. 20 lbs. in a year
     c. 30 lbs. in a year
     d. 50 lbs. in a year


c. 2. b. 3. c 4. b. 5. a 6. b. 7. d. 8. c. 9. b. 10. a.

(Provided by The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports)

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