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Fitness Quiz

1. Stretching exercises will help: 
A.  Build strength 
B.  Avoid injuries 
C.  Burn calories 
D.  None of these

2. Joints and muscles are prepared for vigorous exercise by: 
A.  Jogging and weight training 
B.  Warmups and stretching 
C.  Rope climbing and situps 
D.  Pushups and jumping rope

3. Muscle endurance is:
A. The ability to move a heavy weight once
B. The ability to stretch
C. The ability to move something many times
D. The ability to jump high

4. Jogging for 20 minutes will improve: 
A.  Flexibility 
B.  Muscle strength 
C.  Heart/lung endurance 
D.  None of these

5. The best heart/lung (aerobic) endurance exercise is:
A.  Short, fast runs 
B.  Long, slow runs 
C.  Tumbling 
D.  Basketball

6. Muscle strength is the ability to:
A.  Move a heavy weight once 
B.  Play sports 
C.  Move something many times 
D.  Run fast

7. Which athlete will probably require the most heart/lung (aerobic) endurance during a game: 
A.  Soccer goalie 
B.  Softball fielder 
C.  Basketball guard 
D.  Football quarterback

8. Cooling down after a workout is important because:
A.  It gives your body time to return to its normal level
B.  It helps reduce your chance of injury
C.  It lowers your pulse and breathing rate slowly
D.  All of the above

9. The ratio of lean body mass to fat is:
A.  Body size 
B.  Body type 
C.  Body fitness 
D.  Body composition

10. Physical fitness is important for:
A.  Health
B.  Physical performance
C.  Mental well-being
D.  All of the above

Answers to Fitness Quiz
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. D

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(Provided by The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports)

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