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East Texas Helicopters: About Us

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about tour flights from East Texas Helicopters.

What kind of helicopter will we be riding in? How old is the helicopter and how often is it maintained?

East Texas Helicopters operates a new 2009 certified Robinson Raven II R-44. The helicopter goes under a complete three day commercial inspection every 100 hours of service by a certified Robinson service center.

How loud is the ride?

With the Bose noise canceling head sets the ride will be much quieter than riding down the highway in a modern luxury car.

How smooth is the ride?

As long as the winds are below 20 mph, the flight is as smooth as riding in a motor vehicle. On the really calm days the flight is actually smoother than riding in a car.

How high will we be flying and how fast will we be going?

The tours flights will range in altitude of 1000 to 1500 feet off of the ground. Although the helicopter has capabilities of traveling at speeds up to 150 mph, the tours are done at around 100 mph. This will feel like you are going about 25 mph because of the distance from the ground.

Will we need a coat? Is it going to be hot inside the helicopter if it is hot outside?

Dress however you would like. The helicopter is fully equipped with air conditioning and heating. The cabin can be adjusted to any temperature that you desire.

May we bring a camera?

Any kind of camera is encouraged.

Call for details or appointment

Phone: 903.570.2840

Email: easttexashelicopters@gmail.com

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